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We are a  VC fund focuses on investments in global first-in-class, discovery-stage biotech startups with significant growth potential,  and helps them from 0 to 1 , idea to NewCo. Viva Ventures is one of very few biotech VCs that have extensive expertise and industry know-how for early stage investments.

Supporting Biotech Startups since 2008

Viva Ventures Biotech Fund is backed by the founders of top biotech startups and chief scientists of incubator centers, giving us access to the top startups around the world including Viva Biotech incubators, Boston CIC, and Hong Kong Science Park.

Portfolio Companiest


Our Strategies

Our Investment Thesis:

Early Stage = Achieve Superior Return

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How to Achieve Higher Success Rate:

Genetic Linkage, Biomarkers and SBDD

Phase 2a/2 Clinical Success Rates

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Impact of Structure-Based Drug Design (SBDD)

Probality of High Affinity.png

*Source: Nature Review, Volume 13, June 2014

  • Projects that showed greater confidence in target validation through human genetic target linkage to the disease were less likely to fail owing to a lack of efficacy

  • 73% of projects with some genetic linkage of the target to the disease were active or successful in Phase II compared with 43% of projects without such data, also that of projects with biomarkers could exceed 80%

Deal Flow Funnel

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Global Ecosystem for Deal Sourcing and Exiting


Global Pharmas and Biotech Companies Include:

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Our Portfolio Overview


Diversified Portfolio

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* Including all the projects invested by Fund I, Fund II and Fund III

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Our Team


Fund Management

Jun Mao-低分辨率.jpg

Jun Mao, PhD (UK)
Honorable President of The University of Hong Kong Foundation

Founder and Chairwoman


  • Founding Director of Viva Biotech, a HK listed company with 100X+ investment return

  • Active biotech investor since 2008, invested 21 biotech and drug discovery startups

  • Working at top tier IB in City of London 1996-2009 after Ph.D in Theoretical Physics (UK)

  • Founder of JMCR family office*

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*JMCR family office was established in 2013, founded to manage the private assets for founder‘s family and close relations. Under the family office ,  JMCR Capital隽华资本 ® for investment fund and JMCR Partners隽华国际 ® for assets management, specialize in the fields of Private Equity and Quantitative Investment Strategy.  

About 30 Top Venture/Advisory Partners

  • 20+ years top biotech VC and/or drug discovery businesses   

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Our partners have extensive experience & track record:

Partners’ Role

  • Deal Sourcing

  • Deal Evaluation

  • DD & Negotiation

  • Exit Support

Partners’ Profile

  • Inventors of listed/ clinical stage drugs

  • 20+ years of experience in drug discovery

  • Diversified expertise

  • Carry sharing

  • None compete

  • Right of first to know


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