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Supporting first-class drug hunters


Viva Ventures Biotech Fund


We are a VC fund focuses on investments in global first-in-class biotech with significant growth potential, holding periods 70% upto 5 years on average, 30% long period time, the founders having 20+ years drug discovery track record. Our team members included drug hunters, BD experts, ex-investment bankers and seasoned scientists. Viva Ventures is one of very few biotech VCs that have extensive expertise and industry know-how among CVCs. 

Started from 1996 for ecosystem building and 1st investment in 2008, Viva Venture Fund I has invested in 9+1* startups with total $23.4 million invested capital  out of $25.9 million committed capital. Viva Venture Fund I has generated 5.69X return in 5 years and Fund II has generated 2.3X in value gain in 1 year with 5X over company milestone valuation. 

Supporting Biotech Startups since 2008

Viva Ventures Biotech Fund is backed by the founders of top biotech startups and chief scientists of incubator centers, giving us access to the top startups around the world including Viva Biotech incubators, Boston CIC, and Hong Kong Science Park. We also work closely with the top service partners including LLH, PwC, Cooley, Gunderson, CICC and JP Morgan.

Our Clients

On August 26, 2021, the Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission announced that the Innovation and Technology Venture Fund (ITVF) has added Viva Ventures Biotech, LP. as one of the co-investment partners (CPs). We are also fortunate enough to serve the SoftBank Asia Co-Founder Andrew Y. Yan as one of the LPs as well as founders of financial institutions, professional experts, family office, entrepreneurs and high-net wealth individuals.

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Portfolio Companiest


Our Strategies

Our Investment Thesis:

Early Stage = Achieve Superior Return

Investment Stage2.png

How to Achieve Higher Success Rate:

Genetic Linkage, Biomarkers and SBDD

Phase 2a/2 Clinical Success Rates

Higher Success Rate.png

Impact of Structure-Based Drug Design (SBDD)

Probality of High Affinity.png

*Source: Nature Review, Volume 13, June 2014

  • Projects that showed greater confidence in target validation through human genetic target linkage to the disease were less likely to fail owing to a lack of efficacy

  • 73% of projects with some genetic linkage of the target to the disease were active or successful in Phase II compared with 43% of projects without such data, also that of projects with biomarkers could exceed 80%

Deal Flow Funnel:To Select Top 2% Deals

deal flow 2022_edited.jpg

Past Performance

Exit Record: $3B sale size, 10x return on cash  cost in 10 exits, on average holding 3.7Y


Fund I Performance


Fund II Performance


Our Portfolio Overview

Track Record

Diversified Portfolio

diversified 2.jpg

Our Team

Our Team

Fund Management


Dr. Dai, PhD
Managing Partner

Screenshot 2023-08-10 094200.png

Dr. Mao, PhD
Managing Director

Screenshot 2023-08-10 094403.png

Dr. Cai
Executive Director

Screenshot 2023-08-10 094509.png

Ms. Duan
Legal Director


Screenshot 2023-08-10 094615.png

Dr. Lin, PhD
Research and Business
nt Scientist


Dr. Wang, PhD
Vice President


Ms. Su
Operation Director


Ms. Hou
Research Analyst


Winners Select Winners :Peer review platform formed by  winning Venture Partners, EIR, Advisory Partners,  Founders

Who are they

  • Top tier scientists  in drug discovery and development

  • Proven successful track record from bench, IND to FDA approval

  • Senior medical R&D management expert in clinical stage

  • Senior experts in deal sourcing and verification
    Founders of innovative Biotech

GP Advisor logos.png

Their track record 


Contact Us

Contact Us

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If you have a great early-stage biotechnological or pharmaceutical  project align with our investment strategy, please send your business plan to We look forward to it!

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