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【Portfolio】Anji Pharma Launches a Global Strategy to Accelerate Medicines to China and Other Markets


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01 May 2018

BOSTON and SHANGHAI — Anji Pharma, a new global pharmaceutical company tackling biological targets with exquisite validation from human genetics, launched earlier this year. Human genetics provide “experiments of nature” that provide guidance for novel therapies. By working with leading geneticists and careful mining of large population datasets, Anji scientists are able to discern rare genotype to phenotype causality that can lead to broader treatment opportunities for major health challenges like cardiovascular disease, obesity, and other metabolic disorders. Focusing on genetically-validated targets will lead to a significant increase in clinical success rates for Anji’s portfolio.

An initial mandate of Anji’s business strategy is to accelerate the clinical development of high-quality programs in China. Anji has built a nimble and efficient clinical operations and regulatory team based in China capable of driving and responding to the rapidly changing landscape. Key clinical data generated by Anji in China will not only accelerate approvals in China, but can also add significant value to partner clinical programs in the rest of the world. Anji will own worldwide rights to several early-stage discovery programs.

Anji has recruited an all-star team of scientist entrepreneurs to lead its growth. “At our core is a team of diverse and battle-tested leaders who understand the symbiosis of academia, biopharma, and globalization and can leverage the strengths of each towards project success,” notes Yiwei Zong, president and CEO of Anji Pharma. Brian Hubbard, Anji’s Chief Scientific Officer, has led R&D organizations at Millenium Pharmaceuticals, Novartis, and Merck. Dan Meyers is Anji’s Chief Medical Officer and has led over 40 clinical trials ranging from first-in-human studies to pivotal Phase III and post-approval studies. Mike Serrano-Wu brings a track record of first-in-class discoveries at BMS and Novartis to Anji, where he will be responsible for building its research pipeline. By integrating teams from China and the United States into a single entity, Anji is uniquely positioned to succeed in bringing novel medicines to China and patients across the world.

The inspiration for Anji Pharma is the 1,400-year old Anji Bridge in Hebei province. Its name translates to “Safe Crossing”, which symbolizes the free exchange of innovative science embraced by Anji’s founding scientists. The Anji Bridge is also remarkable for its efficiency: it was built with 43% less material than other open-spandrel segmented bridges – inspiring Anji to drive to the “key experiment” with appropriate speed and resourcefulness.

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