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We invest in 0 to 1, first-in-class drug discovery startups. Through our partnership with a Drug Discovery Platform, we create value by co-developing intellectual property, leveraging over 480 years of scientifically proven expertise.




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The Viva Ventures Fund management team and dedicated scientific team have a combined 530 years of experience.  The leaders of these teams have been working together for an average of 10 years and their expertise spans the management of top R&D labs, the founding of successful startups, and investing for top banks.


They have come together to disrupt the current model of investing in biotech with the mission to find better solutions and better drugs that can help patients around the world.


The fund management team has a long history of working together, and we have a wealth of experience in successful investing. 

The scientific team is comprised of a panel of 24 scientists who hand select each new startup and personally assist in their development. Here you can see a sample of the scientists on the team. 

Scientific Team


Scientific Advisory Partners from Portfolio Companies

Our scientific team consists of 24 world-renowned scientists from the U.S. and China who are utilizing their extensive experience working for large pharma to find the best startups in the world and bring them to the Viva Biotech accelerators. These scientists provide exclusive assistance in: deal sourcing, deal assessment, and most importantly, minimizing risk. Our scientific partners led the research and development of 50 clinical stage drugs and 6 approved drugs. They have published 200+ hundreds of papers in journals like Science and Nature and have numerous patents.


Consultant and Partner


Consultant and Partner


Consultant and Partner


Consultant and Partner


Consultant and Partner


Consultant and Partner

* Due to confidentiality some of the scientists cannot be listed online. If you would like more information please contact us.

Fund Management Team


The Team

The fund administration is led by founders who have many years of experience working in first-tier investment institutions in London, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai. Their experience includes: global capital markets, asset management, investor relationships, and fund management



Managing Director


Investment Manager


Executive Assistant


General Manager


Business Development




 Administration Manager

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Risk Compliance Officer

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Executive Assistant


Investment Director


Legal Consultant, Cooley



About Us


The Viva Ventures Biotech Fund is managed by JMCR Partners with collaboration from the renowned scientists 



We are one of the only Funds for early-stage investment in pharmaceuticals and biotech that works in sync with incubators to be a one-stop solution for biotech startups. We source startups from these incubators that have significantly lower risk than found anywhere else in the industry. We are working tirelessly to fund innovative startups that can help shape the future of healthcare. 




We help startups go from 0 to 1.


The majority of startups enter our portfolio when they are at "0." This means they may have only limited IP or an idea for how to create a new drug. Through the incubators and the guidance of our scientific partners, we are able to help those founders go to "1" where they will have a potential drug and can enter clinical trials. 



JMCR Partners

Founded in 2014, JMCR Partners has successfully closed six secondary market funds worth close to ¥1 billion RMB and invested approximately $100 million USD in domestic and foreign venture capital funds. Our current portfolio includes 12 biotech start-ups originating from both the US and China and direct investment funds valued in total at $450 million USD.


We operate out of our main offices in Boston and Shanghai, as well as maintaining auxiliary offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Houston, TX. 


More information about our Boston office click here.


Viva Biotech Incubators

 Viva Biotech operates a leading structure-based, integrated, drug discovery platform with an innovative business model that shares the upside of their startups’ IP value. They also provide structure-based drug discovery services to biotechnology and pharmaceutical customers worldwide for their pre-clinical stage drug development. Viva Biotech's services cover the full spectrum of their customers’ needs for early-stage drug discovery, including target protein expression and structure research, hit screening, lead optimization, and drug candidate determination.  As of April 30, 2018, Viva Biotech has provided drug discovery services to over 300 biotechnology and pharmaceutical customers worldwide and worked on over 1,000 independent drug targets as well as delivering over 7,000 independent protein structures.


 Viva Biotech operates out of four sites in China with an additional facility under construction. Within these sites, Viva Biotech can incubate many world-leading biotech startups. The Viva Ventures Fund is privileged to have a partnership with the scientific leaders of Viva Biotech who provide their expertise to source deals, de-risk, and evaluate incoming startups for the Fund portfolio. 





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We are able to help create some of the world's most promising potential drugs and invest in the earliest stages of drug discovery while lowering risk and delivering high returns. 

Scalable and Sustainable 



There is a huge demand from biotech startups for funding and one-stop support as well as demand from Venture capital communities for investment opportunities from promising startups at fundable stages. However, one of the current challenges in this industry is a lack of funds helping startups to go from idea to reality. The Viva Biotech accelerators work with some of the world's most innovative scientists to help turn their ideas into a viable molecule that will one day become a potential drug. This lack of comparable funds results in very competitive investment pricing, which enables us to mitigate the high risk while maintaining strong returns

We are able to source deals first-hand from a large network of major pharmaceutical and biotechs institutions that are then de-risked through our partnership with Viva Biotech scientists. The vast majority of projects in our portfolio are sourced from the US. Because most of the startups in the Fund portfolio come directly from the Viva Biotech accelerators, we able to be intimately involved in the startups' initial development and have direct access to the best projects coming out of the accelerators. This means that we can invest in projects originating from the some of the brightest scientists from around the world which results in some of the most innovative startups. 


Our model uses 5x greater capital efficiency to achieve the same milestones compared to industry averages. We are able to align the interests of our scientists and entrepreneurs with the upside of the Fund’s high returns. 



Unique Capabilities


Our partnerships with VC/PE funds after the IP value is created

Our investment expertise combined with capital efficiency

Our drug discovery accelerators

Invest early when the price is low then create value by advancing the startup through inflection points with three key ingredients:








From the very beginning, we have benefited from having top leadership and never wavering from our goal of having elite investment and execution teams.

Portfolio Projects


The strength of the Viva Ventures Biotech Fund is investing in the earliest stages of drug discovery. We work with some of the most brilliant minds in biotech to help turn their ideas into a life-changing reality. 

The majority of startups in our portfolio are in the pre-IND stage and are subject to a range of confidentiality restrictions. 

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