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Viva Ventures Biotech Announced as Co-investment Partner of HK ITVF

On August 26,2021,the Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission announced that the Innovation and Technology Venture Fund (ITVF) has added Viva Ventures Biotech, LP. as one of the co-investment partners (CPs).

ITVF aims to encourage VC investment in local I&T start-ups and creating a more vibrant I&T ecosystem in Hong Kong. The Innovation and Technology Commission selects CPs based on the assessment criteria including the VC fund's capability, its investment strategy and performance, its management team's expertise and experience and its local network and resources, as well as the advice of the ITVF Advisory Committee.


As the co-investment partner, Viva Ventures is responsible for recommending suitable investment targets to the Commission. The Commission will co-invest with the CPs at a ratio of approximately 1 (Government): 2 (CP) in eligible local start-ups.


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About ITVF

About Viva Ventures Biotech

Viva Ventures Biotech is a VC fund focuses on investments in global first-in-class, discovery-stage biotech startups with significant growth potential, and helps them from 0 to 1, idea to NewCo. Viva Ventures is one of very few biotech VCs that have extensive expertise and industry know-how for early-stage investments.

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