If you want to become a successful drug hunter or best biotech/new drug investment managers, you can join us and will be supported and surrounded by the top teams from around world.

Opportunities with Viva Ventures Biotech


We are a biotech VC fund focused on NewCo Building. With the best possible experts together, investments in global first-in-class, discovery-stage biotech startups with significant growth potentials, and help them from 0 to 1, idea to NewCo. With extensive industry know-how, we have invested in more than 13 portfolio companies at discovery stage with exit plan at IND/Phase I/II stage, which is comparatively safe and profitable. 

By joining us, you may have the opportunity to work closely with the best experts in wide range of fields of new drug developing frontier, our close circle of advisory partners who are the well-recognized top scientists in their own particular scientific field. Our experts have invented, in total, 9 listed drugs and more than 80 clinical-stage drugs. As a team, they will share with you their averaged 20 years of working experience in global big pharmas, innovative drug discovery companies and other well-known research institutions. 

We are highly supported by Viva Biotech (HKSE: 01873) who owns 70% of global market shares of SBDD technology and has independently studied on more than 1000+ drug targets and delivered more than 11,000 protein structures.

With expertise accumulated in many years, our expert team makes the new drug development process modularized and completes it in less time which could only be done by those genius in the past, especial for those projects with genetic linkage, biomarkers and SBDD (Structure based drug discovery) technology. We believe more and more first-in-class and best-in-class drugs will come out of our portfolio companies with accelerated speed and with more affordable cost, which will finally benefit the human society.

Our portfolio companies are new drug discovery startups targeting various indications and diseases, involving early cancer detection, leukemia, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, dry eye, skin diseases, antibodies, analgesic compounds, and more. Some of them may change the entire life of us in future by saving life with breakthrough new drugs and treatment to the fatal diseases we are still striving for a solution today, as well as providing improved drugs with better performance and lower price. 

Our fund’s contributions to the portfolio companies are not limited to financing their research and development to IND. We have experts familiar with new drug discoveries and commercialization involved from the very beginning of our investment. In this way, we make sure good drugs won’t die in the early stage just because the lack of money and team. We also benefit the entire pharmaceutical ecosystem by providing large pharmas with high potential deals through M&A. 


As a dynamic and busy team, our happiness comes from contributing to the well-being and longevity of mankind. We will be so excited to see the drugs from our portfolio companies in the future may save people’s life including our beloved ones or relieve them from pain of certain disease. We are proud that we could be a part of the synergy that improves the social medical conditions and enhances human health. Welcome to join us if you share the same vision.

R&D Analyst / Associate / Scientist for new drug development  (HK)


  • The candidates will conduct R&D activities, and work closely with R&D scientists, business executives, suppliers, partner CROs and CMOs, and other relevant parties.

  • The candidate will be involved in the whole progress of drug discovery from the early stage of drug development to clinical proof-of-concept (PoC), including the screening and optimization of hit/lead compounds in terms of PK/PD, efficacy, safety etc., the determination of preclinical candidate compounds (PCC), regulatory filings, and first-in-human trials.   

  • The candidate needs to be familiar with registration and filings procedures with the FDA and NMPA and other key regulatory agencies, as well as various funding organizations.



  • A PhD degree is required for Research Scientist, and an MPhil degree is needed to be a Research Analyst or Associate

  • The candidates’ education background should be drug discovery/development relevant scientific/biotechnology disciplines including pharmacology, oncology immunology, AI-based drug discovery, gene/cell therapy, molecular/cellular biology, or small/big animal experiments. Experience in PK/PD and IND-enabling GLP studies will be a plus.

  • Fresh graduates are welcome. With 1-2 years’ industrial experience in drug discovery will be a plus, which may include academic experience at drug discovery institutions.

  • Demonstrated track record in new drug development and research field.

  • Has a strong grasp over budgeting and project planning and control.



  • Ability for critical thinking, problem solving and innovation

  • Strong organizational and project management skills

  • Clear and concise communication skills, both oral and written; good interpersonal skills, ability to multi-task, a strong desire to learn, contribute and collaborate

Analyst/Associate  (SH/HK)



The responsibilities of the analyst/associate will involve portfolio company management, investor relationship management, fund marketing and fundraising. The candidates will be working closely with the fund management team of over 10 full-time finance professionals dedicating to add value to our portfolio companies, mitigate risk and generate handsome return for investors. Young people in our team, will learn the best practice with the best people, and become a sophisticated venture capitalist fast.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Fundraising: Proposing potential investor list, preparing for roadshow materials (including website, PPT, multi-media production);

  • Providing services to investors: Keep in contact with investors, regularly update news;

  • Providing services to portfolio startups: Consolidate resources, participate in post investment management, assist updating portfolio new valuation;

  • Assisting scientific team with deal sourcing according to the latest strategy of the fund;

  • Assisting due diligence, including competitor research, deal structuring, and investment assessment based on potential risk and return;

  • Assisting investment administration.


  • Academic and work experience:

    • Fresh Master or Ph.D. graduate from global top universities

    • No limitations on majors/areas of expertise so long as there is a strong ability to learn. All science majors welcome. Biology, Chemistry, medical science and other biomedical-related professions or physics, applied mathematics professional background are plus;

    • For liberal arts majors, prefer graduates with mathematical and economic backgrounds; other preferred majors include finance, law, management. With MBA or accounting degree is a plus

  • Work experience in venture capital/ private equity fund will be a plus

  • Mainly based in Hong Kong and Shanghai (dual location), extensive global travelling will be involved


  • Must have bilingual (English and Chinese) communication and work ability

  • Require strong interpersonal skill and presentation skills in writing PPT for pitch deck, speech and articles for publication, Due Diligence files

  • Has the ability to work independently, work proactively, be good at critical thinking, and result-oriented. Applicants should have strong skills in fast-learning logics, strategic thinking, communication and teamwork. Ability to work under pressure and adapt to frequent business trips

  • Applicants should have solid writing skills, good language skills, strong coordination, negotiation and communication skills

Legal professional (SH)


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Fundraising: Draft and amend legal documents such as NDA, LPA, TS and subscription agreement; help with negotiation and finalization on business terms; review legal documents related to investors’ transactions

  • New project investment: Assist the investment team to conduct legal due diligence on the project to be invested, evaluate the business situation and legal risks of the enterprise, and issue a legal due diligence report

  • Provide legal support for investment projects, assist in investment scheme design,draft TS,participate in transaction negotiation, etc

  • Post investment management: assist to assess the legal risks of portfolio companies regularly, review and provide legal advice on business activities of portfolio companies concerning the rights and interests of the fund

  • Review other Chinese / English contracts and control risks

  • Coordinate with external legal firm on outsourcing projects, manage budget and control service quality



  • Bachelor degree or above in law

  • 3-5 years working experience in law firm or in financial institutions related to equity investment business is preferred

  • Familiar with company law, partnership law, tax law and other relevant laws and regulations 

  • In-depth understanding of supervision laws and regulations on private equity by China Securities Regulatory Commission, China Securities Investment Fund Association

  • Those who pass the legal professional qualification examination are preferred

  • Independent thinking and judgment

  • Team player, excellent presentation and communication skills

Clinical Trial Consultant (HK)


Duties & Responsibilities

  • We are now recruiting a consultant who has extensive experience in leading and designing clinical trials that were conducted in Hong Kong.

  • The consultant should provide strong expert advice on clinical trial designs, data collection, business, technical and administrative support for our pharmaceutical companies.


  • The applicant must be very familiar with the regulatory affairs regarding clinical trials/ drug development that will be conducted in Hong Kong.

  • The applicant should have successfully led >10 clinical studies ranging from first-in-human Phase 1 to pivotal Phase 3 and post-approval programs that were conducted in Hong Kong.

  • Strong understanding of primary or secondary end to clinical trials process.

  • Strong knowledge of clinical trial protocol, trial design, randomization, clinical trial supply chain business.

  • Have good health professional networks in hospitals in Hong Kong.

  • Desired years of experience: Above 10 years

  • Education/ Certifications(Required): BS OR MS or Above

  • Education degree preferably in health-related field


  • Negotiable