Arthrosi Therapeutics Released Phase 2 Clinical Data of AR882,

Considerably Outperformed the Current Frontline Therapies

LAGUNA HILLS, CA, November 07, 2020 – Invested by Viva Ventures Biotech fund, Arthrosi Therapeutics, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing a best-in-class treatment for gout, has completed a Phase 2a clinical trial for company’s lead asset, AR882.  Results from two clinical studies of AR882 conducted at Australia and New Zealand are being presented in Annual meeting of American College of Rheumatology Convergence 2020. AR882 demonstrated a strong safety profile, favorable pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and efficacy outcome in healthy volunteers and in gout patients.


Patients with chronic gout (baseline 9.0 mg/dL) were treated with AR882 50 mg in the phase 2a study, 95% of patients showed serum urate (sUA) level below 6 mg/dL and 5 mg/dL throughout the entire day.  The results indicating AR882 considerably outperformed the current frontline therapies for gout and has potential to provide clinical benefit in hyperuricemia and gout patients. A phase 2b study for AR882 is current being planned. Arthrosi’s oncology candidate will soon be starting IND enabling studies with plans to submit the US IND at H2 2021.


Patients Taken the AR882 Maintained a SUA Level below 5 mg/dL for 24 Hours after the Treatment


The SUA Level of over 95% of the Patients dropped below 5mg/dL


“Gout has a huge market. In China, there are 200 million hyperuricemia patients and nearly 20 million gout patients while the United States has 120 million hyperuricemia patients and 12 million gout patients,” said Litain Yeh, Arthrosi’s CEO," At Arthrosi, we are committed to the independent development of new drugs to address the unmet medical needs in the treatment for gout. We expect our drug to be the most effective and safe treatment to reduce the frequency of gout attacks and dissolve tophi. Eventually, Arthrosi’s treatment will become the first-line medication for gout treatment.”


“Our leadership team is comprised of key functional experts who have tremendous experience with the FDA’s drug approval process,” continued Dr. Yeh, “We have a range of successful preclinical and clinical trials as well as global approvals already under our belts. The team consists of the core scientists who did the research, management, and development of Lesinurad.


Arthrosi’s management completed a C round of fundraising to facilitate the next stage of clinical trials. Viva Ventures Biotech is proud to be an investor in Arthrosi Therapeutics and will continue to support their ongoing efforts to advance AR882 as the next generation of gout treatment.

About Arthrosi


Arthrosi is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company based in California. They are working on an oral, best-in-class treatment for gout with a second pipeline in oncology.  They can leverage extensive previous expertise to develop a novel therapy with early validation to help millions of patients suffering from this painful condition.


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